Samstag, 18. Juli 2015

Hack Hack Hack...

It began as just a runny nose
And a tickle in my throat
So I slipped a pack of tissues
Into the pocket of my coat

The annual crappy cold
It strikes me every year
There's no way to avoid it
Just suffer while it's here

Next day it's gotten worse
My head is all stuffed up
I'm drinking lots of fluids
From my favorite sicky cup

My chest is all congested
And I can barely breathe
My tummy feels funny too
I think I'm gonna heave

I don't remember feeling this way
Back when I was young
The coughing and the wheezing
Like I'm hacking up a lung

How can we put men on the moon
Send spaceships to visit Mars
But no cure for the common cold
Dear Lord now I'm seeing stars

I'm going back to bed now
The meds are finally kicking in
It's me against the virus
A battle man has yet to win...

Samstag, 16. November 2013

Hold on...

When you feel you can't go on,
when you cannot find a friend,
look inside to find some comfort,
help yourself to mend.

What is it you are missing?
What is it that you need?
Can you find no inspiration,
in this world so full of greed.

There is beauty found in music,
there is warmth found in the sun,
there is love out in the world,
that can never be undone.

Though the road may crumble,
and at times just disappear,
if we just hold on,
all will become clear.

Pain is never pleasant,
but it helps us come to know,
just how strong we really are,
it helps us all to grow...

Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

Friends from the start...

I remember when I was small,
we moved to our new home.
I met you living next door,
that was as far as I could roam.
I was four and you were five,
I thought you were the cutest boy alive.
We were friends form the very start,
I think that's when you won my heart.
We played kick-ball, four square, and hide-and-seek,
when I was it I always peeked.
We climbed trees, built snow forts or just sang songs,
what ever we did we always got along.
I always looked up to you,
you always knew just what to do.
As the years passed we both grew up,
we went our separate ways.
You were always in my heart,
that is where you'll always stay.
You are one of my dearest friends,
that's what you'll be till my life ends.
Not many friendships fare that well,
or make it that many years.
We have something special,
that time or miles can never kill.
You are the big brother I never had,
the one that told me when I was bad.
You were always by my side.
No matter what I did.
How I wish for those days back,
when we were both still kids...