Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009

Battle of the Reflections...

Battle of the Reflections

You look in the mirror
See your reflection
Everything you do
It`s already done

Look in the mirror

Don`t like what I see
Then I remember
That reflection is not me

I am who I am

We are each other
I gaze into my reflections
One after another

My reflection lives opposite

In another world
Step into the mirror
Flip-flopped and twirled

She lives her own life

When I`m bad, shes good
Parallel dimension
Fixes things I wish I could

She meets me at the window

Looks through the glass at me
Now she does what I do
She sees what I see

She tells me her secrets

How to fix my world
Mine gets better
Hers, flip-flopped and twirled

Battle of the reflections

Parallel universe
How to decide
Who gets better or worse?

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