Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009

When You're Gone...

The sky seems darker
Different shades of gray
I look out the window
To see this horrible day

The rain just comes
It keeps pouring down
Like tears in my eyes
When you're not around

The thunder is loud
There's so much lightning
I have no one to hold me
And it's quite frightning

But there's a sudden knock
on the down downstairs door
I try to get there quickly
As the rain starts to pour

But when the door opens
I feel the suns embrace
I'm no longer scared
Those feelings were erased

You chased away the thunder
You took away my fear
The rain suddenly stopped
You made the day clear

When you give me a hug
I can feel the cool breeze blow
When I open my eyes...
You brought me a rainbow.

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