Dienstag, 25. August 2009


Always moving back and forth in time,
Running through memories of our past,
While looking ahead for the future,
The place we never notice is the present,
Constantly dwelling on our own mistakes,
As we hope our fates will hold fortune, But do our lives really head for fortune ?
Patience is needed while we wait for time,
Rushing will only lead to more mistakes,
Will we be captured and stuck in our past ?
Determination is needed to hold our present,
Looking back will kill our dreams of the future, We are constantly living in the future,
Chancing everything on hopes of good fortune,
This life we lead sacrifices our present,
As we continue to pass through time,
But our hearts get lost in our past,
The little pieces left from our mistakes, Over time we will learn from our mistakes,
As long as we keep believing in the future,
We can only fall behind dwelling in the past,
It will only blind us from our current fortune,
Still we struggle to move back and forth in time,
While we're caught up in the middle named "Present" But how can we forget that we're in the present ?
The one part of our life where we make mistakes,
Are we blind to the most important part of time ?
Desperately struggling to move on to the future,
How can we risk a life so precious on fortune ?,
Lost and running away from our difficult past, This life was not meant to be led in the past,
It's hard enough finding our life in the present,
We're running on a false hope we call fortune,
While we're blind to how it leads us to mistakes,
I for one will stare far into the future,
As I watch all three aspects of time, Now I believe fortune is a ghost of our past,
While time is a counter-clock of our present,
As this life of mistakes forces us into the future...


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