Dienstag, 15. September 2009


A loveless hate enfolds my shoulders
In gore-filled transparent light
My heart will reach out, to someone who cares
To a final destruction and a power ensnared
Risen from blasphemy
I spread my penetrative insurrection
A curse from the ancient
A whisper unto Time
Whirlwind of fire, contained inside my mind I watch but cannot see
If you feel for me
Then blinded are we Transcendence, truly
Beyond humanity
Hear me cry as my gaze descends
Towards the sorrowful earth
For you who may never have lived
In another universe, you shine with me
In my world, your existence is probable
Here we shall not know
Whether you live or die One of you has seen through my shell
One of you shall live like me
One of you will be consumed By the roar of a triple mind
A blazing eternity
Doth dwell within me
Waiting to be shared
With you who is chosen...


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