Sonntag, 27. September 2009

Fallen Angel...

Straight ahead is a light no one can see,
Far off in the distance where hope lies,
Stranger than an angel who has fallen,
One that has been deprived of it's wings,
Still glowing brightly on this cold world,
She hides her face holding on to her love,
Her lips so soft they can whisper true love,
Her eyes too beautiful for anyone to see,
Her body too elegant for this shallow world,
Her mind so intelligent it won't accept lies,
Her spirit too fragile to form new wings,
Her heart so light it has never fallen,
Always catching the others who have fallen,
She raises their souls by using her love,
Still trying to regain her beautiful wings,
She follows a path even she can not see,
Although truth is still hidden in the lies,
She continues to believe in a peaceful world,
But life is not easy in such a cruel world,
No angels except the others who have fallen,
Her light is fading from the horrid lies,
With a fake smile as she spreads her love,
Battling of light and dark is too lost to see,
Gone with the feathers of her deprived wings,
How she longs to spread her loving wings,
Trapped inside a broken hope for the world,
Still searching for a path she can not see,
Trembling from the fear of having fallen,
Deteriorating as she begs for anothers love,
Tears emerge as quickly as the numerous lies,
"I have failed to hear truth over lies"
"I am unworthy of my protective wings"
"My heart is hidden with the fear of love"
"My spirit is forever bound to this world"
"This is my acceptance of having fallen"
  "This is the only path my soul can see"
Her love still is conquering the unwanted lies,
Even if she can not see hope without her wings,
Forever in this world as an angel who has fallen...


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