Freitag, 4. September 2009

I Will Not Look Back...

The past is the past, and I will not look back.
I refuse to look back on the things that I am
not capable of changing no matter how hard I try.
I will only focus on the present and future.

 I will prolong my life and look straight ahead.
Stumbling upon my feelings and being sad,
will only cause me to fall into a deep dark hole.
I will only live in the present and hope for the future.

 I'll continue to be grateful for what I already have,
and not try to let my feelings override my decisions.
I will not dwell on past experiences anymore, instead,

I will learn to appreciate how great things are.
I will look up for inspiration.
I will not look back in desperation.
I will only look straight ahead with optimism.
From this point on, I will not look back...

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