Montag, 16. November 2009

Be With Me Tonight...

I cannot hang onto my past
It is over it did not last
My tears have been many , like the oceans so high
I want the pain to stop, I no longer want to cry

I want you to be with me tonight
Where you can kiss me under the moonlight
Walk along the sandy shores of the beach
Extend out your hand where I can reach

Let's look up at the stars and watch them glisten
Lay close to me and at your heartbeat I will listen
Touch me in all the places that seem right
Be here with me tonight

Soaring high above the mountain
Feeling so calm and free
Holding you in a warm embrace
Is how it feels to me

I have been thinking about you often
Which increases by the day
It helps the pain to soften
As I hope you walk my way

I have a strong attraction to you
How does that make you feel and what should we do
I have such a desire to be with you tonight
Where you can kiss away the pain and hold me tight

The time spent with you has been so few
But, future moments I hope to have and get to know you
I really want to see you and talk to you as well
But, right now I can only conduct a quiet stare and not tell

For you cannot touch me in front of any
This is difficult, and the hours that pass are many
I enjoy this time with you and it feels so right
Come to me again and let me feel you tonight

Your kisses are soft and your tongue drive me wild
I don't have to be aggressive, I can be mild
Touching you is soothing to me
And it makes me feel so free

I had my first dream of you
You satisfied my desire
You placed yourself within me
And your body felt on fire

My desire for you does not make me bad
So, I hope you are not feeling sad
For being with me
The two nights you made me pain free

I want to see you again and get to know you
Tell me NO if you want to
If you do, then take me by the hand and walk this way with me
We will see where this road will lead us to be...


  1. Hi Jasmin,

    sehr schöne Worte hast Du da wieder gefunden. Es klingt ein wenig melancholisch, einsam, suchend? Diesmal hast Du den Reim durchgezogen. :-)

    Sehr schön! LG Jan

  2. Hallo und mal wieder herzlichen Dank Jan für Deine Zeilen zum Blog. Ich habe häufiger mal so dark thoughts / finstere Gedanken kann aber auch sehr gut lachen und liebe das Leben.

    Verarbeite mit dem Blog auch meine Gedanken bzw. versuche es ...

    Wünsche Dir noch eine schöne erfolgreiche Woche.