Samstag, 7. November 2009

Peaceful Trance...

Let the lights dim in the distance.
Free your mind from existence.
Watch the candle flicker and dance.
Fill your heart with sweet romance.

Concentrate on the sound of my voice.
Allow your senses for once to rejoice.
The flame begins to fill the room.
Slowly taking over the inner gloom.

Feel your pain melt over that fire.
Letting your heart dissolve desire.
Now dim your eyes and clear your mind.
Candle and mind become intertwined.

Come with me to a beautiful place.
Where life moves at a rhythmic pace.
Look at the clear lake in the distance.
Feel the wind blow whistle gently with insistence.

Now go ahead, walk slowly to the lake.
Forget everything at stake.
You see the dock waiting for you.
Gently swaying in a water so blue.

Walk on over with your bare feet.
Slowly bend down and take a seat.
Let your toes free and enjoy the air.
Dip them in the water for a joyful affair.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling.
Look around at nature starts appearing.
The pine trees sway with the wind in a gentle motion.
The reflections rippling with great devotion.

The glare of the sun bounces off the water with a gentle shimmer.
Flickering, shining then slowly going dimmer.
The air smells of fresh weed and fish.
A lungful here makes life vanish.

Breathe it all in and feel the freedom of your soul.
Bring it all together and make yourself whole.
Watch the water slowly turn red.
Let peace through your body spread...

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