Dienstag, 24. November 2009


Staring at my ceiling, another sleepless night, I close my eyes, but nothing happens, I'm still awake inside.
How to sleep, I ask myself, there's nothing wrong, so why awake, staring and wandering, back into my thoughts.
I push out, I'm safe now, to stay away from it, the traffic of thoughts is over powering, hence I'm still awake.
Too much on mind, where can I go, if not in my thoughts, then I'm staring into the deep cold, which doesn't help much either.
So back in mind, I must go, to solve my sleepless problem, why so troubled, so alone and sad?
I search around, and rack my brain, for some answer, but find nothing, but thrown out into the cold staring.
I turn on my side, to stare at the wall, please bring sleep, I cry through the traffic, but thoughts are unanswered, and I'm still awake...

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