Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

It's A Sad World...

This ain't no world that gives a shit.
This ain't no world that has its own style.
This ain't no world that treats people fair.
This ain't no world that cares if you smile.

The challenges one must face alone.
The challenges that shadow the mind.
The challenges that make people insane.
The challenges that make bad people from kind.

The forced decisions people make.
The forced decisions people must choose.
The forced decisions that get us nowhere.
The forced decisions that make people lose.

The cowardice of the government.
The cowardice of the cruel and unkind.
The cowardice of the public persons.
The cowardice of each and everyone's mind.

The unknown factor of hatred and love.
The unknown factor of good and bad.
The unknown factor of possible and impossible.
The unknown factor of forever and fad.

The simplicity that should come with this world.
The simplicity that every person should know.
The simplicity that we don't bother to care for.
The simplicity that always comes and goes.

The dreams that people allow but never make.
The dreams that people give up without a care.
Th dreams that people never seem to achieve.
The dreams that never will go anywhere.

The falsehood of reality and surreal.
The falsehood of family and friends.
The falsehood of life and death, love and hate.
The falsehood that never seems to end.

The happiness that we are all meant to share.
The happiness that no one can ever see.
The happiness that seems to be invisible.
The happiness that doesn't engulf me.

The reality of this world is neverending.
The reality of this world is either mistold or untold.
The reality of this world is unsee and frightening.
The reality of this world is sadly only ever bitter and cold. . .

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