Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

Silently silently screaming for you...

Nothing is what it seems
No one is to be trusted
Feelings will kill you in the end
Nowhere is safe to run
And to speak is suicide
I've never wished this much to have a friend

Words are hollow echoes
And opinions count for nothing
Wouldn't it be easier to just be alone
Crying becomes an art form
Relationships, a chore
I need to sit down and have time that's my own

Outside is a minefield
But here's sheer claustrophobia
Freedom's a myth and smiling a lie
Tears count for nothing
When every thing's fake
Your effort's in vein so don't even try

Pretending is everything
Image is priority
The mind is a secret that no one can share
Secrets are shameful
And everyone's dying
Drowning in the far stretching seas of despair

My screams turn to powder
That falls on deaf ears
No one can hear you, you'll never be free
This is insomnia
Release is no option
  This is the worst time, the night time that you'll never see...



  1. Vielen Dank für deinen Lieben Kommentar.

  2. Hey und vielen Dank für Deinen Seiten Besuch Lily. Ich schaue gerne mal wieder bei Deinen tollen Blog vorbei. Dir eine tolle Woche und Gruß von Jasmin

  3. idn`t is dangerous to fall
    especially with such Shoes from the Wall?

  4. Thanks for your site visit Marco, the pic looks worse as it was lool ...