Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

Paradise and Dreams...

In the corner of Life's lens
Lies a vault unlocked to reality
Through minds illusive chamber
Comprehension beyond mortality

The combination of it's lock
Unknown to all the sorrows we hold
Interior blinded by serenity's light
Peace and happiness begin to unfold

Oblivious factual life disguised
For that, Brain is clear as glass
Spirit soars high with felicity
Body weighs a single hair of grass

Temptation creeps from every corner
Yet forbidden is the darkest soul
Thus temptation has no occupation
Existence, Being luxury's servant is it's role

Rivers of milk and honey shimmer
Pure wines, rich as golden streams
None found drunk, no over hanging
Scarlet fruits floating, juicy supremes

Fountains of wishing hold no coins
Dreams become reality, all is true
Minds forgetful to the horrid past
All is in the future, the sky is blue

Humanity's pride, immortality impossible
Erasing away dreams flying mountain high
Possibility of peace and happiness fade
Yet all is in the futures limit... past the sky


  1. ... Valentin ...
    "Ruhen wir uns aus im Herzen jener,
    die wir lieben,
    gleichwie jene, die wir gern haben,
    in unserem Herzen ruhen sollen."
    (Bernhard von Clairvaux)
    Liebe Grüße Jas!

  2. Danke für Deinen Kommentar JJ, auch wenn er nicht so wirklich zu Paradise and Dreams passt. Jedoch ist der Valentine's Day ja etwas für verliebte, also hat es doch etwas mit meinen dreams zu tun ;-) ...