Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

Why Artists Create...

Apparently we are lonely creatures
Struggling in this life so we turn to art
Cannot comprehend the external life
So we turn to our mind and express...

Our works inspire all of you simple minds
Take you to our depths you could never imagine
Bringing tears to your eyes and pain from your heart
Lose yourself in our world and forget cruel existence...

Life is a fast journey and is over much too quick
We simply make use of our limited time and create
Pieces of art memorable that they gain a place in immortality
After our human bodies pass they shall live on for eternity...

Many artists create from personal sufferings
And pour their heart and soul into their outlet
While others create without thought or even trying
Inspiration comes from some divine spark within...

Who knows the reasons why artists create
It's a life or death thing, creating is like breathing oxygen
Without our art we feel dead and hollow
Our self expression is our heartbeat and keeps away the sorrow...


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