Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

Rearrange the Colors...

Look at me upside-down
And rearrange the colors.
My picture is not your normal one.
It's set apart from the others.

My sun is green. My sky is yellow.
My hills are daybreak blue.
But my colors never touch the lines
That the master artist drew.

My foundations are the same as yours,
starting black and solid and thin
But my spirit shows in colors bold
That I have painted within.

The hues take on a mysterious air
A harmony and grace
I took such care with all of them
And put each in its place.

They're organized, but such a mess
So will you take the time
To see beyond appearances
Into a heart divine?

Are you afraid of what you'll see,
afraid of what you'll find?
Don't be scared, I'm still the same.
The soul inside's still mine.

I may have turned out differently
Than what you would expect
But different is just what I do.
It's the thing that I do best.

If only you try to see it,
The beauty is right there
Underneath the clashing ideals
With no normality to spare.

So the next time you see such abstract work
Remember that the art
Is not supposed to touch the eyes -
It's supposed to touch the heart...


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