Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010

Angels are everywhere...

I saw an angel at the commons
clumsily strumming her guitar
and singing about love's exquisite pain.
Her little rain cloud eyes looked into mine
and she said to me,
"I've got the blues more than you do, kid".
I just turned and walked away...

I saw an angel slumping over the bar
chain smoking cigarettes
and uttering lines of wisdom.
Choking through emotion
and the cigarette smoke
he said to me,
"I continue to grow
despite the sun that never shines on me".
I just turned and walked away...

I saw an angel in my dream
crying all of his tears while holding me.
He was faceless
and he didn't say anything at all,
but I knew he could feel my pain
through his feeble hands that comforted me.
I just turned and walked away...

I saw an angel driving a cab
reciting words from the bible.
With a powerful voice
he spoke with tongue that I had never heard,
but he smiled at me, now I can't forget his face.
I just turned and walked away...

I saw an angel in my mirror
softly brushing her blonde hair
and she said to me,
"It's okay that you're halo
doesn't shine every single day,
but promise me
you'll always give love away
and don't ever forget,
angels are everywhere"!
I just turned and walked away...



  1. Starkes Gedicht, welches ich mitr einem meiner Lieblingsgedichte ergänzen möchte:

    Beste Grüsse

  2. Hey und danke für das vorbei schauen Micha.

    Jim Morrison - The Severed Garden Lyrics sind schon sehr stark:

    Wow I'm sick of doubt
    Live in the light of certain
    Cruel Bindings
    The servants have the power
    dog-men & their mean women
    pulling poor blankets over
    our sailors
    I'm sick of dour faces
    Staring at me from the T.V.
    Tower. I want roses in
    my garden bower, dig?
    Royal babies, rubies
    must now replace aborted
    Strangers in the mud
    These mutants, blood-meal
    For the plant that's plowed
    They are waiting to take us into
    The Severed Garden

    Do you know how pale and wanton thrillful
    comes death on a strange hour
    unannounced, unplanned for
    like scaring over-friendly guest you've
    Brought to bed
    Death makes angels of us all
    & gives us wings
    where we once had shoulders
    smooth as raven's

    No more money, no more fancy dress
    This other kingdom seems by far the best
    Until it's other jaw reveals incest
    I will not go
    Prefer a Feast of Friends
    To the Giant Family


    Wünsche Dir noch eine tolle Woche und danke auch für das folgen by Twitter. Besten Gruß von Jasmin