Montag, 26. Juli 2010

Soul of a Poet's Heart...

Written with the soul of one's pure heart
Written like a song, some form of art
Written with bitter, rare truth from that soul
Written with emotions, so out-of-control

Pen to paper, as the words are spoken
Each word written, is another heart's token
Like flowers expanding across a page
The truth of the heart is released from its cage

Each word is spellbinding, entrancing to the eye
In which a beautiful new story always underlies
Beauty written, like a sunlight through a gem
The writer awaiting praise, or whether to be condemned

Each line and stanza written as a magical tale
Waiting to be expanded upon or a twist unveiled
The soul of a poet's heart is the story-teller now
And with the truth, lies a gift that poet's are endowed

Pure ascertainty, truth without a doubt on the mind
These poet's lives, laid out no matter how unkind
With treachery and happiness, longing and freedom
The word's of a poet, fortune read like one's palm

Read the soul of a poet's heart's story and don't criticise
Their painful, lonely or delighted words may surprise
The truth that lays behind each word is reality unspoken
Take the time to read carefully, let emotions be awoken

A poet's heart is spilled out upon a page of scrawl
Teardrops may litter and blur the words that fall
But these poet's have spilled their lives for all to hear
Layed everything upon the line, everything they fear

Read with a heart, read with a mind, read with a soul
Think what a poet went through, think of their goal
Think of the emotions their beautiful words just aroused
Think of the soul of the heart's words you just browsed...


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