Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

How She Stopped The Train...

Quietly, she walks alone,
And gently tilts her head.
She knows that what she has to do
Will free his heart instead.

It's better just to turn and leave,
To hurt herself much more,
And then he'll know just what he meant
To her; what she lived for.

A gentle breeze brushed up her arm
As trains went flying by.
The wind beneath her wings was cold.
She thought that she might fly.

The tears once rolled, but they had ceased
For what she knew, was right,
And she would live within his dreams
Upon the break of night.

Her coat, it sat upon the step,
To where she rose above,
To sit, and think of what she'd do
To live without his love.

Far easier to slip away
Yet, never truly missed.
She saw the look within his eyes;
Remembered their last kiss.

The people waiting down below
Had never noticed her.
They never saw the angels wings
That tried to comfort her.

The lives of those around her paused,
The breath of each one baited
As ambulances drove so fast,
These busy people waited.

But no-one knew the darkness there,
The sadness in her eyes.
Headlines came, and went as fast
Just as had her disguise,

For strength was what she yearned to have,
But love, she wanted more.
And there, within her last breath gone,
She asked if he was sure.

No reasons made much sense to her.
The loneliness was strong.
And peaceful now, her body lay
Within the manic throng

Of people who had been held up;
Who waited in the rain,
For they were all too busy
To see how she stopped the train...



  1. Hach,Du weißt von Dingen...!

    grins & gruß

  2. Yup Björn, bin selbst immer wieder aufs Neue positiv überrascht ;)

    Man kann einen Menschen nichts lehren, man kann ihm nur helfen, es in sich selbst zu entdecken hatte Galileo Galilei mal geschrieben. Gedankengänge haben immer sehr viele Ursachen/ Ereignisse/Zustände...

    Hast die HTML Tags ja nun erfolgreich verwendet :D

  3. "Gedankengänge haben immer sehr viele Ursachen/ Ereignisse/Zustände..."

    ich kenne nicht viele Zustände/Ereignisse/Ursachen die die Gedankengänge fühlbar machen !
    Aber das meintest Du ja auch nicht und hoffe das meine nicht maßgeschneiderten Zeilen keine "Bände" sprechen...
    Tolles Weekend & So :=)

  4. Diese eher traurigen/finsteren Gedankengänge entstanden auf Grund einer Person in meinem Umfeld bzw. einer WG Mitbewohnerin Björn...

    Es müssen doch nicht "immer" maßgeschneiderte Zeilen kommen, so einen Anspruch besitze ich nie nicht :D

    Guten Start in die neue Woche!