Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

My Bridge...

Destinations have a start 
a place called the beginning.
My journeys for strange reasons 
are related to my sinning.

Running, walking, tripping
not always on a road.
No matter where I wished to go
I had a heavy load.

There was this time a cliff appeared,
a chasm deep and wide.
Without a plan for this abyss
to cross its great divide.

Frozen within solitude
my thoughts often misguide.
They said to stay just where I stood
Whats on the other side?

Holding bags so heavy 
my hands about to break,
straining hard without release
the pain was hard to take.

Free your self, just let go
of this heavy load.
If you want to travel on
a bridge will be your road.

Whence came this voice that spoke to me,
was without place or being.
A bridge appeared across this span
doubting what I was seeing.

Who or what would care so much
to make this bridge for me?
The distance far, the fall so deep
Is this my destiny?

I stood alone that point in time
not knowing if I should go.
Was then I noticed from behind
a wind began to blow.

The force increased against my back,
a gentle nudge at first.
Within this wind new thoughts blew in
This bridge should be traversed!

Letting go the handles
that cut into my hands.
My baggage fell away from me,
resolve became my stance.

Fear no longer had me
in its grip so tight.
I listened to the words I heard
to cross that bridge was right.

This is what blind faith is,
my bridge is a belief.
That my care and keeping
will come for my relief...


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