Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

Take time, live oneday at a time...

Take time to think-thoughts are the source of inspiration to opens gates of great decisions
Take time to play -playing is the secret of perpetual youth, it brings back memories of childhood days.
Take time to read -reading is the foundation of wisdom, it is the understand of the world in which we live in.
Take time to pray -prayer can be a rock of strength in time of needs, it gives the beliefs to move mountains
Take time to love -loving is what makes living worthwhile, it is the key to open the door of one's heart.
Take time to be friendly -friendships give life a delicious flavor, it removes fear of being alone and make life more pleasant
Take time to laugh -laughter is the music of the soul, it relieve stresses and heart aches
Take time to give -sharing brings joy to your heart. Believe that the kindness you do will oneday came back to you
Take time to work -work is the price of success. Work honestly and defend what's yours
Take time to dream -dreams show you what is possible and never be afraid to dream...


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