Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

Sleep sweet angel...

Lying on a cloud
The most beautiful of angels sleeps
And lying on a cloud
The most beautiful of angels dreams

Vivid pictures and flashes
Not calm
A world covered in ashes
Bleeding wrists and palms

Morals cast aside
Replaced by stones
They fly and collide
And crack the bone

Skin and flesh
Behind a veil of death
And under a crown of thorns

Tears are shed
But dried in a shroud
Stained a crimson red
And forgotten underground

Trapped inside a nightmare
This angel sleeps
Not sad but scared
This angel weeps

And as he turns to look away
He sees the world set ablaze

He can feel the heat
On his beautiful white wings
And hear the beat
Of his heart of all things

Ignoring the screams
And focusing only on the pain
No longer a dream
As he burns in the intense flames

This angel has woken
And fallen from on high
Where he once could have spoken
Is now engulfed in fiery lies...


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