Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Fighting for my life...

Fighting for courage 
hoping for change 
singing your thoughts 
and wishing your dreams 

loving those whom you fight for 
hating the ones you would die for 
missing the ones you cry for 
and caring for the ones who don't care for you...

Caring for people more then yourself, 
helping the ones who need it most, 
sharing with those who have nothing 
and forgetting to take time for you...

all this consists of things i do 
things i wish for 
and things i would die for...
I don't even have to say who or what they are...
You can decide that on your own.


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    1. Danke für Deinen Seiten-Besuch MOTZI und das (Y), gibt es da noch Untertitel für oder war/ist das ein Hinweis für Deine Google+ Seite? :D