Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

My choice...

Why did I stay
everything is going wrong
I thought things would be better
why is this taking so long?

I thought by staying
everything would be okay
but by staying
everything is going one way

I don't want to take this path
but I really don't have a choice
everyone is telling me "you can do it"
but I'm only listening to one voice

this voice cannot be heard
it is only in my head
I wish it would shut up
but it keeps talking instead

the voice is loud some days
quiet on others
it talks most of the time
and it makes me suffer

I know the choice I made
is the right one at times
but some days it seems
that my choice was out of line

I feel bad for what I did
and i can't get past the guilt
but they always cut me down
now my self esteem needs to be rebuilt...

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