Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

After the rain...

After the rain washes all clean
The wind blows sweetly around and about.
Here's where I sit, not being seen
Feeling the winds, hearing their shouts.

The wind, rain and clouds all appear
To be working to make things more clear.
Clean and sparkly, the earth smiles again
And it's time to start over, a chance to begin.

I witness the curious squirrels peeking.
The birds fly over, in their seeking.
The earthworm wiggles out from it's loam
And I sigh and smile, this is my home.

This is the place where all makes sense,
Where order is given precedence.
Here no police stomps over the ground
To see what fool is creeping around.

Here peace reigns supreme and sane
And I find myself drawn here again and again.
When life pulls down the spirit of man,
I run to here, wind, rain and sand...

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